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You are not broken.
You do not need fixing.

Empaths, our time has come.

You have a big heart and feel things intensely. The world needs your heart-centered genius more than ever.

But as the chaos in the world gets more extreme, you're starting to think this gift to feel ALL THE THINGS is gonna break you.

That seriously, your heart can’t take another argument, natural disaster or abandoned pet.


Being an Empath can hurt too much.

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by well... everything.

Maybe you're having trouble implementing the ideas coming to you.

Or maybe you feel stuck in patterns or thoughts no matter how much work you do on yourself.

You're starting to believe there MUST be something wrong with you. Or that things will never change.

If you think you are the problem that needs fixing, you will spend your life looking for the right solution.


Maybe you've been doing that for years already?

And since nothing has completely worked you keep looking for the next right thing to do. 

You try harder.


Being in fix-me mode keeps you in your head. 

Where you need to be is in your heart. 


Your problems, behaviors, relationships don’t improve because you fix them, or fix yourself.

They improve when you release the old emotions that are tied up with them.

If you feel trapped in situations that keep you frustrated, blocked or in pain, you have to do the heart-work to release the emotions, and bring the healing energy of love to yourself.


When you are no longer held captive by your stuck, unexpressed emotions, you discover that many, many chronic problems shift, as if by magic.

You have to do this for yourself. But you don’t have to do it alone.


I guide people through a process of self-directed compassion, connecting you with your wounded soul heart. Giving yourself loving attention dissolves old grief so that it no longer interferes with your present life.


So if you are ready to:

  • stop being at war with your emotions

  • stop struggling in key areas of your life

  • stop hiding 

  • get curious about what your soul heart has to tell you

  • try something unconventional that can change your entire experience of life


I might just be the spiritual midwife you didn't know you wanted.

I can't wait to meet you. 


With so much love,


Hi, I'm Erin and i am so glad
you are here

What I'm most passionate about...

  • Working with creative people who have a vision for a better world that works for everyone
  • Helping build a society that values Introverts and Empaths and is safe for us to show up and contribute our genius in a way that works for us
  • Helping highly sensitive people strengthen their energetic field to be less affected by the energy of the others
  • Providing a safe opportunity for people to feel and heal their grieving soul heart
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We might be a good fit if:

  • You are a creative person tripped up by your procrastination or insecurities.

  • You are an empath who has a hard time protecting yourself from other peoples energy.

  • Your introversion is debilitating.

  • You are a person who gives a lot but finds it hard to receive. 

  • You feel victimized by feelings that can overwhelm you.

  • You are a spiritual seeker who resists being in a body.

  • You have this nagging feeling that you're not doing what you came here to do.

current offerings

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Discovery Call


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6 Sessions

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