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How Compassion Key works

Compassion Key is a guided process that gives your wounded heart targeted, loving, self-compassion.

It finds your old unhealed, or partially healed emotional wounds, and applies loving attention to them in a very specific way.

When the wounded parts of you are given the loving attention they didn't receive back when they were originally hurt, they can relax and shift out of pain and grief.

They no longer have to get your attention by repeating bad situations, triggering relationships, self-sabotaging behaviors or chronic insecurities and problems.

This is how your wounded soul heart can finally start to heal.

Self-compassion dissolves the scar tissue that has kept you stuck in emotional survival mode all these years.


When that happens everything in your life can change.

Health, finances, relationships, creativity, dreams... all are freed up from the old conditions of your unaddressed grief.

You become able to listen to and trust your heart.

You no longer rely solely on your mind for figuring out what you want and need.

Life makes more sense. You feel more at ease and self-expressed.

Fear and anxiety drop away.

Being more connected to your soul heart, you respond to situations and people very differently.

You no longer block your life force from moving thru you.

Check in with your body - do you feel relief or excitement reading this? 

That could be a signal that Compassion Key has something to offer you.

Trust the resonance and book a free call with me to feel into it more.

You'll know if it's meant for you after that. I'd love to tell you more.

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