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I'm an introvert, empath, intuitive, spiritual seeker who lived most of my life feeling victimized by my out-of-control emotions. I was the "cry baby" of the family, bullied at school for being fat and always felt like I didn't belong, and couldn't quite sync up with other people.


My interests are diverse: art, astrology, tarot, human design, Korean rap, anything hand-made, local food traditions, natural building, languages, regenerative agriculture, and child development.

I've been an artist, musician, singer, bookbinder, teacher, gardener, player of Zimbabwean music, creator of non-profits, grant writer, developer of community environmental projects, librarian, political activist and foster mom.



I am here to help creative Empaths get out of emotional survival mode so they can align with their unique genius powerfully and unapologetically

My Philosophy


I know first hand that being stuck in emotional survival mode keeps us from fulfilling on our dreams and purpose.

It keeps us guarded and anxious and feeling unsafe to be seen.

We get trapped in a way of being that literally saved our lives at one point, but now keeps us from living freely and sharing our gifts.


Most Empaths spend years trying everything to feel better, and hurt less. The things we try may help but don't get to the root of our pain: a grieving soul heart.  Your heart is filled with old pain that has never been acknowledged and certainly has never been lovingly held and soothed back into wholeness.  


We all have wounds that have never healed.


To survive living with the pain of suppressed grief, we adopt strategies to make life bearable. These survival tactics become impediments to living our souls biggest expression. They keep us from shining our energetic light brightly and confidently. 

It is absolutely possible to end repeating stories, behaviors and patterns by giving yourself radical self-compassion.

Why I became a Compassion Key practitioner


Compassion Key is a process of sitting lovingly with the wounded part of you and finding out what it needs to heal, and giving it exactly that.


It is a simple and beautiful process of actionable self-love unlike anything I have experienced in all my years of self-discovery.

  • You no longer have to protect your boundaries or your heart so fiercely. 

  • It allows you to be with people without sucking up all their emotional stuff.

  • Being with people is less draining and more enjoyable.

  • You feel less porous.

  • It feels safer (and less exhausting) to be the real you out in the world.

  • A lifetime's worth of suffering can dissolve away in a very short amount of loving attention.


I feel honored to be able to guide others in getting free of old grief as a Compassion Key practitioner. If anything about my story resonates with you, I'd love to tell you more so you can decide if this is the right next step in your soul's journey.



  • Compassion Key Practitioner

  • 250+ hours of training in Trauma-informed parenting as a foster parent.

  • Mom, Foster mom, Grandma, Sister, Friend, Teacher...


  • I've survived as an Empath in America for 62 years

  • My Cancer Sun, Venus and Mercury and Leo Rising - emotions are the water I swim in

  • Listening and intuition are my superpowers

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