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Empaths Unite

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This world wasn't designed for Empaths

In a world that seems too fast, too loud, too brutal, too obsessed with material accumulation

it's easy to feel like “nobody understands me”, “I’m too much” or “I’m too emotional”, especially when your feelings are met with confusion, anger or disregard.


Feeling overwhelmed and sabotaged by your own feelings - crying when you should be angry, unable to go anywhere near crowds, canceling things with friends because on the actual day leaving the house is impossible… sucks. SUCKS!


And so you try all the things - alternative healing, spiritual paths, personal work… They kinda work. You feel better. But there are those moments when your soul lets you know “this isn’t why you came here” Something feels missing at your deepest level. There is this dread inside of you that you’ve forgotten something important. It’s right there---- but you can’t grasp it. And that sucks too

Your soul heart is calling you


You - the broken-hearted, misunderstood, fringey, overly-sensitive you is needed now on this planet more than ever before. We empaths have essential insights and abilities that this difficult, scarred world desperately needs. We are the vision holders of a humanity that works for everyone. And everything. We intuitives, we readers of energy and the subtler realms are the way-showers for others. But we can’t be that if we are hiding under our beds. We can’t do it if we have wrapped ourselves in so many layers of protection that we can’t be seen, heard or felt by others. It is our time to come out and lead this horribly messed up world to a more humane future we can see and feel so clearly.


The world is ready for you to show up as your whole, complex, unfinished, unique self.


I’m here to tell you it is safe to come out and be seen. Oh, I hear you screaming - “No Erin!! It is DEFINELTY NOT SAFE to come out of hiding.”


But it can be.


But first you need to heal your own heart. That heart that has suffered so much this lifetime, and maybe others. Before we can repair the broken heart of the world, we must heal our own. 


Nothing needs fixing, but healing is essential.


This you have to do for yourself. But you don’t have to do it alone.


Loving, self-directed compassion is how we heal our hearts. It is shadow work that bandages our very old, but still raw wounds. It’s the mothering that our higher self is just waiting for us to ask for. It is the only protection that we need to actually feel safe to show up as our real, flawed self in this world. 


When you give yourself compassion, EVERYTHING changes. Your whole understanding of yourself changes. Your understanding of the world changes. Who you are in the world changes. What is possible for you changes. It is how you liberate your soul to be the sparkly light in this darkness.


If any of what I’ve said resonates with you, I guide people thru a process that can help you heal your tattered heart. It is magical. It is sublime. It works. It worked for this 62 year old empath, and it works for my intuitive, creative, empathic clients. Maybe it is the right next step for you. Feel your way into it, and if it feels right, reach out. I do 30 min free discovery calls. Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit. 


I can hardly wait to meet you. 


With so much love,


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