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I had an AMAZING session with Erin where I broke through a wound I wasn't even aware of. It just surfaced as I talked & made the discovery/connection. Wow! So, we worked through the Compassion Key process and lanced the root cause completely. So relieved and thankful for Erin's ability to really listen and guide me through this so skillfully. 


I am beyond grateful for the spiritual guidance and healing provided by Erin Middleton. Through her expertise and compassionate approach, I was able to move past my childhood trauma and unlock the potential for growth within myself. She helped me validate my feelings and taught me a new skill to add to my personal growth toolbox.

What sets Erin apart from others in her
field is her deep understanding of the human psyche and her ability to meet her clients where they are at in their personal journey. She is a masterful guide, carefully and thoughtfully leading me down the path to healing and self-discovery.

Thanks to the work I did with Erin, I am now in a great place emotionally and mentally. I have a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance that I never thought was possible. If you are seeking a skilled and passionate spiritual guide to help you on your journey toward healing and personal growth, look no further than Erin Middleton. Her expertise, intuition, and compassion will truly amaze you.



Working with Erin is a divine experience!

I think intuitively one can't and/or won't do the deep work necessary unless one feels seen and safe.

Erin is a powerful sensitive healer who provides this fertile ground for deep work.

With her I was able to access hidden walls and blockages even I was unaware of.


It felt like from our first session together we removed a pivotal “ brick” from this wall I’ve built

up over this lifetime and I believe even in past lives.

I am still in awe of the things that came up for me and I can only think that my sensitive soul recognized

another sensitive soul that was safe, who has done the work that she can now illuminate others.

She carried a light to see me out of so many of my shadows.


Erin was extra powerful to me because I felt her doing so much in the unseen

and yet being able to instill it to this reality which was so powerful.

As I had these sessions with Erin and my walls were being deconstructed I noticed magic happening

in my world, feeling connected to the pulse of life and synchronicity again.


This sense of a deeper self love for the little one in me and this confidence to bring my artistic vision into fruition because I was able to process and let things go with the assistance of such a beautiful, compassionate and very gifted healer. There is no need to stumble in the dark alone, to have our dreams locked inside. 


I think typical coaches can align your mind and you can shift things from a mental aspect,

but Erin is a gifted healer and I think those deep memories in us being healed and released

with the addition of traditional coaching is what makes Erin exceptional.

This process has been one of the very best investments I have made and the freedom, tools and deep remembrance of my truth as an artistic sensitive has been absolutely priceless. Thank you Erin!

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